Water Damage from Sprinkler System in Indian Hills, Colorado

Can sprinklers really cause water damage? The short answer is, absolutely. Sprinkler system problems in Indian Hills, Colorado cause immense water damage in area homes. A1 Steamway is a local, trusted water damage restoration business, and we have seen it all. If you are experiencing water damage due to a leak or geyser from a sprinkler system, call (720) 538-0488 now for immediate action. A1 Steamway have been in the business for 14 years, and our hard work, experience, and dedication is unparalleled.


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Flooding in Indian Hills from SprinklerHas a Pipe Burst in Your Sprinkler System?

If you have had the interior of your home flood in Indian Hills due to a broken irrigation pipe, immediate action is needed in order to minimize the water loss to your property. First, turn the water off. Then call (720) 538-0488, and the restoration pros at A1 Steamway will arrive in minutes to contain the affected areas, remove any standing water, and begin the drying out process. A1 Steamway will get to work quickly on your water before the water gets to work causing structural damage to your property!


Got Water Damage From Your Sprinklers in Indian Hills?

So how does water damage from sprinklers happen? There are many ways in which a sprinkler system can cause water damage inside a home or commercial building. From mechanical errors to human mistakes, water damage from sprinklers in Indian Hills can be just as damaging as that from storms of Mother Nature. Just a few of the sprinkler issues that can lead to water damage include:

  • Burst Pipes: Sprinkler systems do tap into your home’s water line. If the sprinkler pipes become damaged or frozen, the water can easily flood the interior of your building.
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads: This is a common cause of flooding. Sometimes, a geyser occurs too close to the foundation of a home, and water can seep into the concrete.
  • Improper System Installation: Irrigation system provide water to all the zones of your yard via underground pipes that connect to your water line. If pipes run too close to the foundation and leak, you may end up with a slab leak.
  • User Error: Not properly setting up a timer or installing a rain sensor can lead to pooling water in your yard, which can seep into your foundation.


Basement Flooded in Indian Hills from Sprinklers?

Many people think of flood damage as happening in the winter months when pipes freeze, or in the spring when the rains flow and rivers flood. Another frequent call we get happens when basements are filling with water in Indian Hills after a sprinkler line bursts. Often, homeowners do not initiate a system check for problems when the begin watering their lawns in the spring. Before long, some will notice a stream running right through their yard and collecting at their home’s foundation. When sprinklers are left on overnight, water may have been collecting for many hours before the problem is noticed. Aside from user error, sprinklers can also lead to basement flooding when sprinkler heads malfunction or water lines break. When the lines run close to the home’s foundation, seepage can occur, which is especially damaging if you have a finished basement. If your home in Indian Hills is flooding, regardless of the cause, call (720) 538-0488 ASAP to dispatch the skilled water removal crew from A1 Steamway.

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